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AI Feature to Improve Safety

Safety first for FloodFree
AWMA AI monitored flood protection

AI technology is being used to improve public safety during the operation of automated flood barriers, such as deploying large hydraulically actuated tilting flood barriers. With an increase in flood mitigation projects, and more and more flood barriers being installed in public spaces, there have been significant design considerations around the safe operation of these barriers. 

As a result, AWMA, the manufacturer of the automated FloodFree barriers that Watersmart installs in New Zealand, has released an online video showing how the FloodFree Hydraulic Tilting Flood Barrier can be deployed manually via push-button control, or automatically using sensors calibrated to a preset water level. Once activated, an audible alarm sounds and strobe lights flash. Dual acting hydraulic cylinders then raise the flood barrier. 

The video demonstrates how the smart controls use AI cameras to monitor the flood barrier and surrounding areas during deployment. If a person, animal or vehicle is detected in the immediate vicinity while the barrier is operating, deployment will cease, continuing only when the area is clear. 

 Once the barrier is closed, the space remains flood free until manually reset via push-button control.

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Alarmed and AI monitored flood protection tilting barrier

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