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Rainstick Circular Shower System
A new and innovative shower experience that reduces your water and energy consumption by 80%.
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Shower Water Recycling System

Reduce water and energy waste in your home with Rainstick. Our innovative circular shower water recycling system saves you money and minimises your carbon footprint by cutting water and energy consumption by up to 80%. Reuse shower water safely and hygienically. 

With WiFi connectivity and a flow rate nearly doubling that of low-flow showers, you can indulge in a luxurious shower experience without any guilt. Say goodbye to wasteful shower habits and hello to eco-conscious living with Rainstick.

Re-Invent The Way You Shower

See why Rainstick washes away the competition.
Elegant Design
With the Rainstick shower, you can revolutionise your relationship with water without compromising on performance, design, or your expectations. You can complement any exceptional space with our forward-thinking design.
Wifi Enabled
The Rainstick app allows you to track your savings quickly and conveniently with its WiFi-enabled, smart technology. The app can also be used to turn on Rainstick remotely and to notify you when it needs to be refilled with Rainstick Original Cleaning Product.
Exceptional Savings
Compared to traditional shower systems, our circular shower system saves up to 80% on water and energy usage. The average Rainstick customer saves hundreds annually. Can you imagine what you could do with all those savings?

How Does It Work?

A Shower Experience Like No Other

The Rainstick system starts with fresh grid-supplied water, just like your current shower. The difference? Rainstick captures, circulates, and cleans the water in real time, so it doesn’t go to waste.

  • Micron-level screens catch larger debris, such as hair and dirt.
  • Every loop is continuously refreshed with fresh hot water to maintain the desired temperature.
  • UV-LEDs disinfect water by killing bacteria and viruses.

With Rainstick, you can double your water flow while using less water than a traditional shower.

Why Choose Rainstick

Save Water

Rainstick reduces your shower water consumption by 80%.

Save Energy

Rainstick reduces your shower energy consumption by 80%. 

Save Money

With Rainstick you could save hundreds per year. 

Sleek Design

With its modern, minimalist design, Rainstick can suit any space. 

Our Products

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