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Floody Temporary Flood Barriers

Floody: Your Trusted Portable Flood Prevention Device
Portable flood prevention device

Floody is a portable flood prevention device designed to safeguard property and infrastructure from heavy rainstorms and sudden flooding.

Help protect your valuable assets at a moment’s notice with portable flood prevention devices.

Floody, our innovative portable food barrier brings versatility and convenience to a whole new level. Boasting three unique designs and providing tailored solutions for your specific needs, experience the ease of quick installation as Floody’s lightweight construction allows a single adult to set it up at an impressive rate of 10 metres per minute. 

Forget about drilling or dealing with sandbags—Floody’s easy installation involves a simple locking mechanism, making it hassle-free. When it comes to storage, our stackable structure ensures that Floody can be conveniently stowed away. 

Transporting Floody is a breeze, thanks to its lightweight design and integrated handle. Plus, its adaptability shines through the modular design, ensuring compatibility with a variety of spaces and terrains. 

Choose Floody for a portable food barrier that combines versatility, quick setup, easy storage, and adaptability, all in one smart solution.

Flooding stopped with Floody at roller doors

Benefits of using Floody

Watersmart provides you with peace-of-mind flood barriers.

Built with the utmost functionality and ease of use in mind, Floody acts as a robust water diverting barrier. Floody utilises the weight of the water to firmly anchor itself to the ground. Its foam gasket ensures a tight seal, minimising water infiltration. The anti-slip sponge strip at the bottom enhances grip and helps prevent water seepage. Designed to excel on flat surfaces such as asphalt or cement, Floody’s modular design caters to various spaces.

Worried about storing the barriers? No problem! Floody comes with a convenient handle for effortless transport and storage. Plus, its stackable feature allows for convenient storage without taking up much space.

Floody is quick and easy to install, providing immediate protection when you need it the most. With its light-weight construction and modular design, Floody can be assembled by a single adult at an impressive rate of 10 metres per minute. No need for drilling or complicated tools – each module effortlessly snaps in place, ensuring a hassle-free setup.


Flood Stop Devices

Unleash Their Full Potential

Experience the convenience and efficiency of Floody’s L-type bookcase design. This practical principle ensures safety and effectiveness in flood mitigation. When the need arises, Floody can be easily assembled to adapt to any terrain, providing a customizable solution for your specific situation. Plus, our ergonomic handle design allows for effortless shifting and storage.

Floody portable flood prevention device

Are You Prepared For Flooding?

In New Zealand, water resilience hasn’t always been a top priority. Today, we understand how unpredictable weather patterns can be, and how much devastation can be caused in just a few hours.

Take proactive steps to safeguard your property with Floody’s reliable, removable flood barriers. Place your order now, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having an effective flood protection solution at your fingertips.

Why Watersmart?

Watersmart has a simple yet profound mission – to solve water problems. We tackle water resilience issues like scarcity, flooding, and stormwater management. We’re passionate about sustainability, protecting and using water responsibly. We are a team of water resilience experts that offer practical, accessible, cost effective solutions. Not sure about your needs? Our dedicated team is just a call away, ready to assist you in finding the perfect flood prevention systems.

Why Choose Floody?

Take Control

Floody gives you back control of your environment.

Peace of Mind

Be prepared and rest easy that you have a solution at hand. 

Save Money

Save money by reducing damage to your property and valuables. 

Easy to Use

Do it yourself, easy to put together solution to fit your space. 

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