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Even the most challenging problems can be solved with our expertise.

Rainwater collection, stormwater detention, and water reuse systems are designed in accordance with your specific needs and council requirements.

Whatever your challenge, we have a solution that is smarter, easier and more cost effective!

  • New Subdivisions
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Multi-Unit and
  • High-Density Developments
  • Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Our team of experts has considerable experience designing solutions for mixed and high-density housing developments.

We’ve also designed, supplied and installed stormwater detention and reuse systems across a variety of industrial and commercial developments including service stations, supermarkets, large apartment blocks and more.

Watersmart provides end-to-end solutions that tackle the challenge of water security head on.

Our wide range of innovative solutions includes everything from dual purpose stormwater detention and reuse tanks, to award-winning water recycling systems, and customised flood control barriers.

Our team of water experts will work with you to determine which solutions best fits your needs. With our cutting-edge technology, you can harvest, reuse, detain, and recycle more water than ever before.

Join us in the water revolution and take action towards a more sustainable future.

Once you’ve chosen your solution, we handle the entire installation process from start to finish.

Our installers are all fully qualified and immensely experienced professionals, meaning that your project will be completed with speed, precision, and absolute professionalism.

We’ll explain exactly what needs to be done, and work closely with the relevant authorities and contractors to ensure everything is completed in accordance with compliance requirements.

Tank servicing and maintenance is a vital aspect of our water management.

There are compliance requirements like council-mandated maintenance regimes, but there’s also regular monitoring and assessment to prevent repairs.

It’s about ensuring your system runs at peak performance. So if you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your tanks and pumps are in top shape, look no further than our comprehensive maintenance programs.

Not sure what service you require? Give us a call on 0800 110 808 and we’ll talk you through it.

You can opt for an annual servicing plan that includes one of our technicians:

  • Checking fixings to ensure everything is securely fastened
  • Checking leaf diverters and silt traps out (if applicable)
  • Clearing line strainers
  • Ensuring pump and filtration devices are working correctly
  • Running the system between mains and pump, checking the change over valve
  • IQP Backflow testing
  • For re-use systems: checking the pump controller and black flow valve is operating to standard

Stormwater Management

Got a stormwater challenge that needs solving? Let’s solve it! 

As the impacts of climate change become increasingly evident, governments and councils are placing greater pressure on businesses to make sustainable decisions. At Watersmart, we provide the support architects, engineers, developers and others need to meet these demands. Whether it’s obtaining resource consent, complying with ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) criteria, or meeting climate standards based on the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), our team has the expertise to help you succeed.

We’ve got solutions!

Our stormwater management solutions are hassle-free even for the toughest sites

With sections becoming smaller, stormwater attenuation becomes more challenging. Traditional stormwater solutions are no longer cutting it. Watersmart provides innovative alternatives, even for difficult sites that could not otherwise be developed.

You can rely on our team to design, supply, install and service the perfect stormwater system tailored to your needs.


The Stormwater Attenuation Process

As permeable grass is turned into concrete and steel, rain has to go somewhere. If it’s not soaking into the grass, it needs to be accounted for.

Rain that used to fall on green areas now falls on roofs and paved surfaces, where it’s pumped into stormwater pipes at a much faster rate. Our streams and rivers are under pressure from the additional run-off, as is the infrastructure of the city.

Stormwater attenuation looks at returning the situation to neutrality as if the rain was still falling on green areas, even after we’ve built homes, patios and driveways. A Civil Engineer works out the flow of water that will come off these surfaces and how much storage is required to account for the difference.

This is called Stormwater Management Area Flow (SMAF). By reusing some of the water and releasing the excess slowly into the stormwater system (detention), you can reduce the load on infrastructure and protect sensitive areas.

Water is held (detained) long enough to control the flow of stormwater into rivers and streams, helping to protect vulnerable waterways.

3D render of a stormPANEL Slim Water Tank installed on a new home

Rainwater Harvesting

Comply with council requirements and meet the obligations of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS)

We’re a team of water experts who help you navigate the often challenging council requirements. At the heart of our mission is a desire to secure a sustainable water future. To help you achieve greater water security and conservation, we provide systems to harvest rainwater, manage stormwater, and recycle and reuse water. Our solutions are cutting-edge and designed to help you achieve your homestar ratings and meet your ETS obligations. With us by your side, you can rest assured that your sustainability goals are not only within reach but also cost-effective and easy to implement.

Develop future-proof developments for residents to enjoy lower water costs and greater security

Much has changed in recent years. Filling the pool, kids running through sprinklers, washing the car and boat, watering the garden and cleaning the house and deck… all require one thing – water!

But turning on the tap isn’t a given anymore, as we can no longer take water supply for granted. Today, we have practical, cost-effective options for creating sustainable developments that maximise water collection, reuse, and recycling.

Combining systems provides multiple benefits and maximises water savings. For example, our rainwater harvesting systems can reduce water costs by up to 56%. When combined with our water recycling systems, which can save up to 45% on tap water and up to 45% on wastewater, the savings are next level!

No need to be concerned about unsightly and bulky water tanks – our innovative designs, including underground and slimline water tanks, are the perfect solution for even the smallest sites.

Rainwater is typically reused for non-potable purposes. Non-potable water represents 56.1% of household use. As long as it meets council sanitation requirements, water can also be harvested and used for other purposes.


Water Recycling Solutions

Hydraloop® is truly a powerful and future-proof way to help conserve water and energy. No chemicals, filters, or membranes are required, making it an easy, eco-friendly solution. With six cutting-edge technologies powering this system, it’s no wonder why Hydraloop® is a game-changer in the world of water conservation.

Hydraloop® provides scalable solutions that cater to the specific needs of any building, be it a small home or a large hotel. Their decentralised water recycling products are award-winning and the first of its kind. By using Hydraloop®, you can save up to 45% on tap water and 45% on wastewater while ensuring that the water supply is clean, clear, safe, and disinfected.

Hydraloop’s products are not limited to urban areas alone. They are perfect for rural areas and off-grid situations where the water supply is unstable or insufficient.

Architects & Specifiers

How We Work With You

Using our expertise, we will design a stormwater management system, rainwater harvesting and water recycling system that can easily be incorporated into your development.

Within a few days, our designers will take your plans and prepare a final layout for your approval, then work with your Project Manager to coordinate installation.

Our team are well versed in the legislative requirements of the various councils and offers a free design service for all commercial and housing developments.

In addition, we offer Aquacomb pod layout services to help architects & engineers place pods properly, taking into account falls, pipework, structural placement, etc.

We also know that deadlines and budgets are critical to the success of any project. You save time and money with our solutions.

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