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WaterSmart Services

Plan – Supply – Install – Service

WaterSmart provides complete rainwater harvesting solutions customised to each client. Our team of experts will tailor a rainwater collection plan to your property.

We offer a range of products to suit a variety of needs. That way you can be sure the solution we provide is perfect for you!

Our Complete Range of Services

Our range of services cover all of your water tank and pump needs

  • Tank & Pump Installation 
  • Tank Service (includes cleaning leaf diverters and cleaning silt trap)
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Pump Service (includes cleaning line strainers and running the pump through its cycle)
  • Pump Repairs (loan pump can be supplied)
  • Plastic Welding/Repairs
  • Pre-purchase Tank & Pump Inspection & Report

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Building or Renovating?

If you’re building new or renovating e.g. putting in a new driveway, garage or deck, we may recommend our Aquacomb© solution.

Aquacomb© is an underground solution that works by installing water pods under decks, concrete slabs, retaining walls and a raft of other places.

It’s a highly versatile, innovative solution that has been tried and tested for over 15 years.

Not only does it enable homeowners to harvest rainwater in vast quantities, it remains completely hidden and is perfect for small sites as it requires no additional space.

Keeping Things as They Are?

FenceTank™ is a popular solution as it is quick and easy to install, fixes to existing walls and fences or can act as a new barrier. Slim and discrete, you’d be amazed at how much water a single tank can store. The more tanks you can accommodate, the more water you can collect!

We also have a raft of other above-ground solutions that we will consider when creating a rainwater collection plan for your needs, including our Silo and stormPANEL tanks. 


Whatever solution we recommend, our team of qualified installers will take care of all the details so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll explain what needs to be done, liaise with the council on your behalf and any other contractors if required.


WaterSmart’s solutions are designed to prevent leaves and debris from entering your tank, so very little maintenance is required.

However, you can opt for an annual servicing plan that includes one of our technicians:

  1. Checking fixings to ensure everything is securely fastened
  2. Checking leaf guards and filtration devices are working correctly
  3. For re-use systems: checking the pump controller and black flow valve is operating to standard
  4. Checking to see whether the homeowner has any questions!

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