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FloodFree Flood Barriers

Reduce your capital expenditure and improve infrastructure
FloodFree Flood Barriers
In an age of ever-increasing floods, protecting people, property, and livelihoods is more important than ever.
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Achieving success in flood barrier demands a meticulous evaluation of various critical factors, ranging from the type of flood to the site conditions, designs, applications, installation, operation, and maintenance.

At Watersmart, we understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to flood barriers. That’s why we consult with civil and hydraulic engineers to develop the best solution for current and future flooding issues.

Using FloodFree Flood Barrier products, we develop solutions to meet your exact requirements, ensuring that you get ultimate protection.

FloodFree Flood Barriers

Tilting Flood Barriers

Tilting Flood Barriers isolate access areas from rising floor water.

Our tilting flood barriers are engineered to ensure automatic deployment by rising with the water level. Once flood water recedes the barrier lowers and excess water is drained into a stormwater system.

  • Passive or actuated options available
  • Materials fabricated according to site requirements
  • Designed for low maintenance
  • Fully trafficable
  • Excellent sealing
FloodFree Flood Barriers

Concealed Flood Barriers

Concealed Flood Barriers are a self-actuating flood defence system.

By utilising approaching floodwaters, the Concealed Flood Barrier raises itself automatically without human intervention, electricity, or mechanical assistance. Barriers are permanently installed below ground level at isolation points, ready to be deployed when needed.

  • Suitable for 1m-20m wide openings
  • Designed to be low maintenance
  • Options available to meet your aesthetic and traffic load requirements
  • Minimal footprint
FloodFree Flood Barriers

Demountable Flood Barriers

Designed to be manually deployed by one or two operators.

Our Demountable Flood Barriers allow owners of property or assets to erect their own protection barriers in and around existing infrastructure to isolate floodwaters during storms.

  • Constructible to an infinite length
  • Transport trolleys and storage solutions available
  • Affordably priced
  • Segments consist of extruded sections with embedded seals
  • Segments can be fabricated in increments of 100mm, 200mm, or 300mm high.
FloodFree Flood Barriers

Retractable Flood Barriers

Retractable Flood Barriers are design specifically to isolate large openings.

In order to protect assets from rising flood waters, the Retractable Flood Barrier manually travels sideways to close gaps in existing walls.

  • Suitable for openings of 1m-30 m wide and 3m high
  • Easily deployable by a single operator
  • Heal safe track system
  • Designed specifically for your site
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be designed to complement building exteriors
FloodFree Flood Barriers

Swing Barriers

Suitable for direct installation on the wall of a building, levee or other structure.

The swing barrier is an outward-opening hinged flood gate designed to isolate floodwaters up to the gate’s height. As soon as the gate is closed, a manual locking mechanism ensures that it remains watertight.

  • Manufactured from marine grade aluminium.
  • Seals are manufactured from UV stabilised PVC
  • Right or left hand hinged options available
  • Available in a range of colours

Why Choose Our Flood Prevention Solutions

Strong & Durable

Our flood barrier range has a minimum 25 year design life.

Australian Made

All flood barriers are made in our partners manufacturing facility in Northern Victoria.

Fit For Purpose

Flood prevention procedures are designed in accordance with AWMA’s accredited ISO 9001 Quality Management System. 


Designed, manufactured and installed to meet your sites flood protection needs.

Our Products

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