Complete End to End Solution for Saving Water and Money!

About WaterSmart

WaterSmart was born out of a desire to provide smart, affordable and creative rainwater collection solutions for Kiwi’s from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

A water tank doesn’t need to be unsightly, nor does it need to be expensive. By looking outside the box we’ve been able to offer a range of solutions; from the smallest sites to difficult sites that would otherwise be left undeveloped. Water tanks under grass, concrete, building slabs, on roofs, under stairs and retaining walls – pretty much anywhere you can imagine it, we can put it!

WaterSmart is driven to be New Zealand’s most innovative supplier of end-to-end stormwater solutions. We design, supply, install and service smart and cost-effective systems to meet the medium and high-density needs of the NZ building industry.

Our products and systems are BRANZ certified to meet and even exceed Council requirements for the detention and retention of stormwater in a new build. They also meet territorial authorities’ requirements for hydraulic neutrality.

Sustainable Coastlines

We’re passionate about water sustainability and protecting our ponds and streams near urban areas, while sensitive to your need for innovative stormwater solutions via our Aquacomb® and FenceTank™ systems.

We are proud to have partnered with Sustainable Coastlines, a New Zealand charity committed to keeping New Zealand’s waterways clean.

End-of-life Recycling

Tanks manufactured and distributed by Stormwater Systems are made of high-quality polyethylene. The manufacturing process we follow produces zero waste and the tanks are 100% recyclable at the end of their life. Aquacomb® pods are made from recycled plastic (when we can source it).

By Kiwis, For Kiwis

FenceTank™ is proudly New Zealand made. It has been designed and manufactured in Auckland with the intent to provide a rainwater harvesting solution for Kiwis right from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

Your Knowledge Base For Stormwater Attenuation

Stormwater systems are our entire focus. For over four years we’ve amassed considerable knowledge to assist engineers, specifiers, architects and property owners. Our solutions are end-to-end and extend to:

  • Stormwater reports and assessments, if you don’t have a stormwater engineer
  • Consultation
  • Full Aquacomb© pod design
  • Installation by an approved Aquacomb© installer
  • Pump and tank service and maintenance

Your One Stop Water Saving Solution

WaterSmart provides you with an end-to-end solution for saving water and money.


Each property is unique, and so our team will design a rainwater collection plan based on your needs.



What’s the best solution for you? Our team of helpful experts will talk you through your options, so you can make the right WaterSmart choice for you.


Our technicians carry out checks to ensure your solution stays in peak condition, for optimal water management.


Our technicians carry out checks to ensure your solution stays in peak condition, for optimal water management.

Each council has specific requirements that must be met in relation to rainwater collection and storm water runoff.
Our team can help you understand what these are so your solution is not only perfect for your property and needs, but compliant too.