When Function Meets Design


Your Complete Rainwater Collection Solution

  • Quick & easy to install
  • Slim, sleek & very stylish
  • Your tank is your fence!

FenceTank™, our newest slimline water retention innovation, naturally blends with your property’s peripheral; allowing for a smart and almost invisible solution that’s perfect for small sections.

Having a large and unsightly water tank is the easiest way to disrupt the ambience, and is simply not an option where space is limited.

With FenceTank™ you have a discrete and attractive rainwater collection system. Each tank is only 408mm deep and holds 1000 litres of water, equivalent to 4-days water supply for the average household.

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FenceTank™ Colour Options

Other colours are available on request.


Slate Grey



Plan For Water Outages, Shortages And Restrictions With Your Own Potable Supply!

Play your part in reusing water, and reap the benefits too.
  • Reduce your dependence on mains water supply
  • Plan for water shortages by collecting your own rainwater
  • Reduce water costs by up to 56%

Don’t let water restrictions stop you from enjoying outdoor life. Water your garden, fill the pool, wash the boat, car and house, water blast decks, driveways, and let kids enjoy paddling pools and sprinklers with your own sustainable supply.

A single FenceTank™ holds 1000 litres of water. To put this into context, running your garden hose for an hour uses up to 400 litres depending on water pressure. While the average household uses 200 litres of water a day.

Why Choose FenceTank™


Save Time

Quick and easy to install. They do NOT require a concrete base. Just 4 coach screws attached to a fence post.

Save Space

A slimline tank that is only 408mm deep – one of the narrowest above-ground tanks on the market! Dimensions: 1800mm high x 1800mm long x 408mm deep.

Connect Together

The 1,000L model has been designed to connect together to increase volume.


Save Water

​A single FenceTank™ holds 1,000L of water! Equivalent to four-days water supply for the average household. You can have as many tanks as your property can accommodate, and your roof can fill.


Sleek & Stylish

Blends in naturally with your property’s periphery allowing for a smart and almost invisible solution. Your tank is your fence. No ugly pipework or appearance above the fence line as all pipework is hidden within the tank itself. Comes in a range of attractive colours.


Proudly NZ Made, 10 Year Warranty

FenceTank™ is made by Kiwi’s for Kiwi’s. It is designed and manufactured in Penrose, with manufacturing facilities in the Lower North and South Islands.

Rainwater can be collected for reuse outside. It can also be used to wash clothes and flush toilets. This represents 56% of water use for the average household.


A figure that is on par with the average water bill savings from Hobsonville Residents who collect rainwater for the same purpose via using a WaterSmart solution.


It is possible to use rainwater entirely, although this may require additional filtration for hygienic purposes (drinking, showering, dishwashing etc.). If you plan to connect a tank to your internal plumbing, you will require a building consent.


Get in touch with your local council for specific information related to your area.

This depends on the size of your roof. The following estimate is based on an average roof area of 200 sqm in each of the main regions –

  • Auckland – an average of 17,000L per month
  • Hamilton – an average of 18,000L per month
  • Wellington – an average of 20,000L per month
  • Christchurch – an average of 9500L per month

Use our rainwater collection calculator for an estimate of what you could collect.

This depends on what you use your rainwater for. If it’s outdoor use, you could save on average 18%. But of course, you could save considerably more if you have a pool, boat or water gardens and lawns frequently.


If you have rainwater plumbed back into your house to wash clothes and flush toilets, this amount can jump to 56%.


You can use rainwater for everything, although this may require additional filtration for hygienic purposes (drinking, showering, dishwashing and so on).


If you plan to connect a tank to your internal plumbing you will require a building consent. Get in touch with your local council for specific information related to your area.

Your One Stop Water Saving Solution

WaterSmart provides you with an end-to-end solution for saving water and money.


Each property is unique, and so our team will design a rainwater collection plan based on your needs.



What’s the best solution for you? Our team of helpful experts will talk you through your options, so you can make the right WaterSmart choice for you.


Whatever solution we recommend, our team of qualified installers work efficiently and to the highest standards so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


Our technicians carry out checks to ensure your solution stays in peak condition, for optimal water management.

Each council has specific requirements that must be met in relation to rainwater collection and storm water runoff.
Our team can help you understand what these are so your solution is not only perfect for your property and needs, but compliant too.


Each property is unique, and so our team will design a plan based on:

Each property is unique, and so our team will design a plan based on:

  • Whether your project is a new build, renovation or you are keeping things the same
  • The size of your roof
  • Location on-site – the position of existing fences, new fences or wall fixings
  • How much rainwater you want to collect
  • Your budget
  • What you want to use the water for: e.g. gardening, vehicle washing or in the home.


The FenceTank design allows for any qualified tradesperson to install it by utilising the readily available components which come in a pre-made kit. A qualified plumber will be required if you plan on connecting to your home plumbing.


WaterSmart’s solutions are designed to prevent leaves and debris from entering your tank, so very little maintenance is required. However you can opt for an annual servicing plan that includes one of our technicians:

  • Checking fixings to ensure FenceTank™ is securely fastened
  • Checking leaf guards and filtration devices are working correctly
  • For re-use systems: checking the pump controller and black flow valve is operating to standard
  • Checking to see whether the homeowner has any questions!

Tank Grade Plastic

Made with Rotathene Tank Grade plastic which is globally recognised as the most appropriate grade for New Zealand’s harsh conditions and UV light.

This grade carries a series of certifications and complies with many international standards within the tank industry. It is designed for potable water or stormwater and is ideal for re-use systems.

Our tanks can withstand 15,000 hours of harsh UV lights, 8,000 hours above what is legally required. Complies with NZS4766.

Learn more about Matrix Polymers Rotathene tank grade plastic.

FenceTank™ FAQ's

FenceTank™ is made of high-quality food grade plastic which also has a UV rating of 15, which is recognised as the most appropriate grade for NZ conditions.

Each 1,000L FenceTank™ weighs approx. 90kg when empty and approx. 1090kg when full.

As the tank is made of polyethylene, which does not take paint well, we would recommend attaching a fence to the back as a first option. Painting the tank may null and void the warranty.

The fence posts protrude ~ 25mm (if using 100mm x100mm posts) or 50mm if using 100mm x 125mm posts. This allows for any fence paling and/or panels to be attached.

No, the FenceTank™ doesn’t require a concrete when positioned on what is defined in the building code as good ground, a level base of compacted gap7 gravel is sufficient. This saves you time and money! However, if the ground condition is less stable, a concrete plinth is recommended.

It is NOT recommended to fix the FenceTank™ to the posts of an existing fence unless the designer and/or installer is able to establish that the posts meet the FenceTank™ fixing requirements as per the FenceTank™ PS1

Only simple, annual cleaning is required to maintain the FenceTank™ exterior. Use a soft bristled brush, water, or water mixed with a mild detergent to wash the plastic.


When used to store non-potable water, the interior of the tank does not require any maintenance since the use of leaf guards etc will remove vegetation before entering the tank. It is probable that small amounts of dust or similar will enter the tanks, but the amounts will not impact on the storage or capacity of the FenceTank™.


It is recommended that you follow your local councils’ guidelines for tank and pump maintenance

Any keen DIYer (with the correct tools) can install FenceTank™ when the water collected is only intended for outdoor use.


FenceTank™ must be installed by a registered plumber, such as WaterSmart, if the water will be used inside the home, (such as in the toilet and laundry). Contact WaterSmart to find out more.

Yes, a tap can be installed near the base of the tank to gravity feed a tap. Although this will initially provide good pressure this will significantly reduce as water level lowers.

Yes, WaterSmart can provide this service for you! Although a competent home handyperson with the right tools can do this.

Building consent is only required if you plan on connecting water tanks to your internal plumbing. It is not required for outdoor use only.

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