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RainSaver Plug N' Play Pump

Plug N' Play Pump

The RainSaver Plug N’ Play Pump supplies clean rainwater from a rainwater tank via an automatic pressure system to pump toilets, laundry, and garden taps in a household.

The RainSaver Plug N Play Pump is connected to both water tank and mains water supply. A float switch is included on the pump which prevents the pump from running dry and allow automatic switch over to mains, should the rainwater tank level be too low and/or there is a power shortage.

Your pump is characterised by:
RainSaver Plug N' Play Pump

Specifically for Auckland

Rainsaver Plug N' Play Pump

Colour Options


Slate Grey

Why Choose Our Plug N' Play Pump

Automatic Switch Over

This pump automatically switches between tank and mains water supply. 

Backflow Prevention

This pump features a rainsaver auto changeover device and a low level float to prevent the pump from running dry.

Weather Proof

A pump cover is included with purchase for further protection from the elements.


The pump has a corrosion-resistant pump body diffuser and impeller to ensure pump durability.

Our Products

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