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Watersmart can help Category 2P flood risk homeowners

Flooded basement

After recently publishing new flood risk rules, Auckland Council has put up a Step-By-Step Guide To A Flood Risk Assessment for homeowners to help to assess flood risk and the ratings.

The guide (and accompanying videos) take homeowners through a number of steps to help them get their home categorised under the rules, before saying that the final step (nine) is that a final report and categorisation letter will be sent to the homeowner.

Once homeowners receive their categorisation letter they have three months to opt into a buy-out scheme or the Category 2P grants scheme (‘private funding and remediation support provided’) if they fall into the appropriate category.

The Category 2P classification is for homeowners affected by the severe weather events in early 2023. Council will pay a contribution towards the property’s value; 2P property owners will receive financial support to help them make necessary changes to their property to reduce risk to life.

Watersmart is able to help homeowners who fall under the Category 2P grants scheme

Please get in touch by phone: 0800 110 808 or email: if you’d like to know know more about how we can help.


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