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Funding for sustainability

Did you know that you may be able to source funding from a
variety of sources to invest in sustainable initiatives such as water
conservation, flood protection, and wastewater projects?

Local grants are available especially when it comes to
community housing developments while the major banks offer sustainable or
‘green’ loans to businesses.

Here are some avenues to take a look at.

Community trusts

There are a number of community trusts across NZ who provide funding to support community organisations within their regions.

Foundation North, as an example, will look to provide funds for community building projects that ‘consider sustainability (in construction and operations).

You can find your local community trust here.

Local government

Councils have grants available to help support sustainability projects. In the case of Auckland Council, for example, they have money available to support community-based climate action, including projects that ‘build community resilience to climate impacts.’

Go to your local Council website for more information.


The major banks all offer loans for sustainable or green initiatives. 

ANZ, for example, has a document that sets out their criteria for sustainable water and wastewater funding through their Business Green Loans. They will look to provide finance for ‘costs related to the purchase and installation of products that deliver clear improvements in water quality, wastewater and effluent treatment.’

BNZ, has a category designed for ‘sustainable land & water use’, with ‘water use efficiency technology’ featuring as a potential funding activity. 

ASB offers loans for ‘qualifying activities to improve water efficiency’, while Westpac notes that they will consider loans for ‘water quality improvements.’

Watersmart is happy to provide any information about our products or services that may be required to help you apply for these grants or financing.

Please get in touch by phone: 0800 110 808 or email: if you’d like to know know more about how we can help.

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