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Floody can protect your property quickly when the rains come

floody flood protection

As New Zealand moves into autumn, with daylight savings now in place and winter on its way, our sunny summer has said goodbye and rain has started to lash down onto the country.

Among the many media articles covering the latest deluges to afflict New Zealand, this article in shows the ‘atmospheric river’ that came up the country mid-month.

Amid all the rain warnings and expectation of more storms to come, we recommend you consider Floody, a portable and easily installable flood prevention device that can help protect your property from fast-building water. This innovative, lightweight flood barrier comes in easily installed segments that one adult can set up at a rate of 10 metres per minute, so you can forget about drilling or dealing with sandbags when the rain starts to build up near you.

And then, when the rain moves away, Floody’s stackable structure ensures that it can be conveniently and quickly stowed away – ready for the next atmospheric river to come our way.


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