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Watersmart making real progress

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The last 12 months have seen Watersmart take huge strides forwards. With much more to come in 2024, we thought it might be useful to share how we are making progress as a business:

Over 12 months ago we identified that the water aspect of climate change was becoming a major issue. As there didn’t seem to be a organisation providing a broad range of solutions, nobody really looking at water as a whole, we purposefully looked for solutions around the world. 

This is why over the past twelve months we have added Hydraloop, RainStick, self-activating Flood Free flood barriers, and Floody to our range of solutions. These products solve problems, protect people’s property and solve their water woes. 

We also combined two businesses into one – Stormwater Systems and Watersmart. We did this not only for efficiency, but because it also enabled us to communicate that we are a more solutions- and outcomes-focused business. Now we assess what a full challenge involves; we can work with our clients to assess the problem, offer solutions, and then provide the products needed, install them competently, provide ongoing maintenance, and even now monitor as well.

As a result our business grew 20%, we introduced six new products, and we took on seven new staff. And through 2023 we installed 3.6 million litres of stormwater detention tanks. 

Looking ahead, what is the new focus?

This year we are focusing on broadening our footprint in order to be able to help more people, more communities and more businesses to solve their water woes. 

We are working with councils and businesses, facilities managers, developers, and builders – to help them become more water sustainable, to help protect their assets, to save cost, and to increase their resilience.

There is so much work to be done – so many opportunities to capture. We look forward to working with you in the year ahead!

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