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World’s 1st In-Home Water-Recycling System Hydraloop® Arrives In New Zealand

Hydraloop®’s revolutionary system uses water twice, saving up to 45% of water, paving the way for mass water recycling in NZ

The world’s first consumer-friendly grey water recycling system has arrived in New Zealand and is being showcased around the country by exclusive New Zealand importer and distributor WaterSmart.

Hydraloop® is set to change the way people use water in New Zealand. It uses water twice, reducing total in-home water consumption by up to 45 per cent. It does this by recycling and cleaning water from showers, baths, and washing machines, using a revolutionary, patented six-step process. The treated water can then be used again for toilet flushing, washing machines, garden irrigation, and topping up swimming pools, providing clean, safe, and disinfected water that meets the highest international standards for commercial and residential uses.

See video of how Hydraloop works HERE. 

WaterSmart, Hydraloop’s exclusive New Zealand distribution partner, approved installer and servicing network, is taking the new system around the country – to Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton, Queenstown, Tauranga, and Wellington – with Karl Mattheus, Hydraloop’s Technical Director, sharing his expertise on this new water recycling technology.

The very first Hydraloop unit has just been installed in Piha, with another soon to follow in Glendowie. WaterSmart also has plans in progress for residential and commercial installations around the country.

Andrew Olsen, co-founder and Managing Director of WaterSmart, says: “Why are we flushing our toilets with drinking water? It’s crazy. Hydraloop means we can use water twice. It is a game-changer for our country, paving the way for mass water recycling in New Zealand. At WaterSmart we are all about enabling people to realise the true value of water, our most precious taonga. We’re really excited to bring Hydraloop into New Zealand, as it will build our country’s resilience against effects of climate change, helping to future-proof us against droughts and dry seasons.”

Karl Mattheus, Hydraloop’s Technical Director, says: “It’s great to see how enthusiastically our water-saving technology is embraced here. This shows that a circular and environmentally conscious approach to water conservation has the future. I’m particularly impressed by the market leadership that WaterSmart is showing. We look forward to working closely with Andrew and his team, enabling people and organizations across the country to save up to 45% on water.”

Watercare chief customer officer Amanda Singleton says: “We’d love to see more developers incorporating water efficiency into their designs so that innovations like these are more accessible as our city grows. As a part of the Auckland Water Strategy, we’ve committed to targets to reduce our per capita consumption progressively over the next 30 years. Innovations like the Hydraloop could go a long way to helping us to collectively achieve this goal. Reducing our collective water consumption is not only better for the planet, it also allows us to delay costly investments in new water sources.”

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