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Wellington Water Regulation Changes

Are you aware of the latest amendments to the stormwater attenuation requirements in the Wellington Region?

Wellington Water have recently revised stormwater attenuation requirements so that mitigation now matches the requirement for the minimum level of service – protection of habitable floor from the 1% AEP storm event.

In addition to this, another amendment that has been made is the requirements for the hydrology method used to access rain events now reflects the method used for regional stormwater modelling.

Other minor revisions made by Wellington Water can be found on the Regional Standard for Water Services (RSWS) and Regional Specifications of Water Services via the button below. Some of these revisions include:

  • Seismic resilience – requirements address all three waters;
  • Building over or near public pipelines – new requirements and specifications;
  • Hydrological design – a revised method for assessing hydrology;
  • Stormwater level of service and mitigation –requirements are now consistent;
  • Stormwater intake structure – revised design standards;
  • Pumping stations – clearer provisions for wastewater and water supply pump stations;
  • Manhole safety grilles – new requirements to prevent falls;
  • Excavation – revised specifications;
  • Drawings – now included in the R.Spec, including new drawings for backflow prevention and water supply assets.
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