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Tanks on Sloping Sites

In the dynamic landscape of New Zealand, challenges often arise when it comes to incorporating sustainable water management solutions, particularly on sloping sites. While flat terrains may dominate certain regions like Auckland, many parts of the country present unique topographical hurdles that demand innovative approaches. Enter Aquacomb water tanks—a game-changing solution revolutionising water management, especially on sloping sites.

In regions like Wellington and various island areas, sloping sites are not just common; they’re the norm. These terrains pose significant challenges when it comes to installing water tanks for managing runoff and harvesting rainwater. Traditionally, the installation of water tanks on such sites required intricate and often costly plumbing arrangements, making the process cumbersome and financially burdensome.

Aquacomb water tanks offer a refreshing departure from conventional water tank solutions. Designed with versatility and efficiency in mind, Aquacomb’s innovative system is tailor-made for sloping sites, providing a fast, low-cost and high-performance alternative for other tanks requiring costly excavation. 

One of the standout features of Aquacomb is its ability to seamlessly integrate into sloping landscapes. Unlike traditional tanks, which often require extensive excavation and complex plumbing to accommodate the terrain, Aquacomb’s modular design allows for easy adaptation to varying slopes. This means specifiers can incorporate water management systems without compromising the integrity of the site’s natural contours.

Pictured: Aquacomb Pods Installed in a Wellington Staircase.

Aquacomb’s intelligent design doesn’t just stop at installation—it extends to efficient water distribution as well. The system’s clever plumbing mechanisms ensure optimal water flow even on steep gradients. By utilising simple yet effective techniques such as top-up valves with floats, Aquacomb tanks enable smooth water transfer between different levels of the slope. This not only minimises wastage but also maximises the utilisation of available water resources.

At a time when sustainable practices are paramount, Aquacomb stands out as a champion of eco-conscious design. By capturing and reusing rainwater, these tanks help reduce the demand for fresh water while mitigating runoff and its associated environmental impacts. This dual-purpose functionality aligns perfectly with the ethos of sustainable development, making Aquacomb an indispensable asset for environmentally conscious projects.

In the pursuit of sustainable development, embracing innovative solutions is key. Aquacomb offers a compelling proposition for specifiers seeking efficient, cost-effective water management solutions, especially on sloping sites. With their seamless integration, efficient water distribution, and commitment to sustainability, Aquacomb tanks are redefining the way we approach water management in New Zealand’s diverse landscape.

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