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Tanks on Sloping Sites

While the most popular development sites in Auckland are often as flat as possible, other areas in the country don’t always have that luxury. 

Even on steep sites, water tanks are still needed to manage post-development runoff to waterways, and to capture and re-use rainwater within the house to reduce fresh water demand. 

Pictured: Aquacomb Pods Installed in a Wellington Staircase.

In order to install tanks down a slope, some clever plumbing is used to ensure a functional system. A simple top-up valve with a float can be installed to connect a tank higher up with another tank below it. This valve allows any water to drain into the lower tank first, filling the lower tank before then shutting and allowing water to fill in the upper tank. 

This method is able to be used where sites are stepped down a hill, common in Wellington and island regions.

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