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Hydraloop and Aquacomb feature as LowCO house officially opened

Fletcher's LowCO hous opening
LowCo house

22 April was an exciting day for a number of organisations, Watersmart included. This is because it was the day when the Fletcher Living LowCO house was officially opened by the Hon Chris Penk MP, Minister of Building and Construction who cut the ribbon at the opening, alongside Chief Executive Residential and Development Steve Evans, and Fletcher Living Head of Sustainability Nicola Tagiston. 

The new 3-bedroom detached home at Waiata Shores in Manukau is the key feature of the Low Carbon 1.5°C Homes Pilot (aka LowCO). This pilot is all about showcasing new ways in which New Zealand homes could constructed in the future in order to reduce impacts on the environment. It is an ambitious initiative led by Fletcher Living’s Sustainability team designed to help New Zealand reach its climate change goals.LowCO features two of Watersmart’s innovative solutions:

Aquacomb® is a complete hidden solution for water reuse and detention

Hydraloop® is the world’s first consumer-friendly in-home water recycling system

Andrew Olsen, co-founder of Watersmart said at the opening, “As innovators at the forefront of water conservation and resilience innovation, we’re proud to be part of the team that has created LowCO. Water has an important part to play in helping homes reduce their carbon footprint.”
LowCO (link to video here ) is a 10-Homestar (world-leading) low carbon home built by Fletcher Living. Watercare partnered with Fletcher Living and invested $100,000 through an innovation fund to showcase water efficiency in a residential home in alignment with the Auckland Water Strategy.
The home is designed to meet the 2030 MBIE new-build water use cap (75L/P/D) in 2024. The cap represents a 53% reduction in water use based on the average Auckland residential home (160L/P/D). Modelling shows LowCO will smash this target.

Andrrew Eagles, Andrew Olsen and Ged Campbell

Andrew Eagles, Andrew Olsen and Ged Campbell

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