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Goodbye Stormwater Systems, Hello Watersmart!

This month we have made a big change, evolving and rebranding from Stormwater Systems to Watersmart.

Why? As a company we have recognised the increasing importance of water management, which takes us beyond our original scope of stormwater solutions. While stormwater management is still really important to us, we now also offer solutions that go beyond solving your stormwater challenges.

Our new branding reflects our expanded range of products and services, including stormwater management, water recycling, flood control, water security, and more.

Says our co-founder, Andrew Olsen: “We now offer advice, products, systems and servicing to help you detain, reuse, recycle and protect water on site: end-to-end on-site water management solutions to help you to realise the true value of water on your site.

We want to assure you that although our name has changed, our commitment to sustainable water management practices and our dedication to providing relentlessly innovative and technically advanced solutions to our customers.

And, as a source of relentless innovation, you can expect to see more new products coming through from Watersmart in the near future. The earlier you engage with us, the more value we can add to your project. There are not many situations we haven’t come across before.”

As a result of our rebrand, you can expect to see changes coming soon to our website, marketing materials and social media platforms.

Our 0800 number remains the same, and you can continue to reach us on it to discuss any water management-related queries.

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