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Flood barriers protecting property amid the rain

Hardly a day goes by without news of a new town or region being affected by the scourge of flooding. Hamilton, Gisborne, Palmerston North, Auckland, and so many more places are yet again suffering the effects of the incessant rain plaguing New Zealand this year.

At this time it has never been more important to be prepared to combat potential flooding, which is why we offer a range of flood barrier options for owners, developers and builders of property to consider. 

FloodFree flood gates and barriers holding back the water
Our comprehensive range of permanent Flood Free flood gates and barriers are proving their worth,  providing reliable protection and peace of mind in the face of so many unpredictable weather events. 

Coming with a minimum 25 year design life, the Flood Free range includes tilting flood barriers, concealed flood barriers, swing flood barriers, retractable flood barriers, and demountable flood barriers, all of them designed in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management.

Each Flood Free solution is designed, manufactured, and installed to meet the site’s flood protection needs.

Floody recently launched
We have launched Floody, a temporary flood mitigation device designed to safeguard property from heavy rainstorms and sudden flooding by acting as a temporary water diverting barrier.

Quick and easy to store and install, Floody uses the weight of the water to secure it to the ground. A foam gasket helps seal Floody to the ground and minimise water passing through.

Floody is most effective on flat surfaces like asphalt or cement. its modular design means it is suitable for a variety of spaces. It is also stackable and easily stored.

Floody barrier assembled
Flood barrier in use
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