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Aquacomb®, Your Discrete Stormwater Solution

As sections become smaller and climate change increases the severity of flooding, stormwater management systems need to become more effective and innovative than ever before. Traditional stormwater detention tanks require costly, time-consuming installations and can often be a real eye-sore on small sites.

But what if there was an alternative? Let’s introduce you to Aquacomb®, the complete hidden solution for water reuse and detention. With Aquacomb®, you save time, space and money while getting a strong and durable stormwater management system for your property. Aquacomb® is simply the way of the future, let’s dive deeper into why.

Stormwater management is crucial to protecting the environment

Stormwater management is the process of detaining water and slowly releasing it back into the stormwater system. Rainwater is held (detained) for long enough to prevent overflow into rivers and streams, preventing bank erosion and harm to aquatic life. Additionally, it protects properties from flooding, as well as roads, bridges, and infrastructure.

As urban development intensifies, more grass is being converted to concrete and steel. The grass is permeable, but concrete and steel aren’t. If rainwater is not soaking into the grass, it needs to be accounted for. Rain that used to fall on green areas now falls on roofs and paved surfaces. Consequently, water that was once absorbed into land is now pumped into wastewater pipes at a much faster rate and with more flow than ever before.

Stormwater management, otherwise known as stormwater attenuation, looks at returning the situation to neutrality as if the rain was still falling on green areas, even after we’ve built homes, patios and driveways. A Civil Engineer works out the flow of water that will come off these surfaces and how much storage is required to account for the difference.

This is called Stormwater Management Area Flow (SMAF). By reusing some of the water (retention) and releasing the excess slowly into the stormwater system (detention), you can reduce the load on infrastructure and protect sensitive areas. Stormwater flooding risks have increased, and this is why most councils now require stormwater detention tanks.

What is a Stormwater Detention Tank?

A stormwater detention tank is designed to store excess stormwater runoff. By detaining water they prevent sudden surges of excess water downstream – thereby preventing flooding. These tanks help protect our streams and environment and reduce the burden on infrastructure by controlling the release of water back into the stormwater system.

Up until recently, water detention tanks took considerable time, money and space to install. A buried tank near a dwelling requires serious piling and excavation costs. Surcharges on foundations can run into tens of thousands for piles, labour and engineering. Then there is the cost of removing dirt and cranage costs to position large tanks. While above ground tanks can be large and unsightly, and take up considerable space.

But there is an alternative solution – Aquacomb®! These innovative water tanks are your completely hidden stormwater solution for water reuse and detention. It can be installed in a matter of hours under slabs, decks, stairs and driveways. Aquacomb® isn’t just an underground water tank. It is a clever way to capture, reuse and detain water while preventing the loss of valuable space around your development.

How does Aquacomb® Work?

Aquacomb® is more than just an underground water tank. Aquacomb® combines the benefits of both stormwater detention and retention into one discrete system. And it is much more affordable than alternative methods.

An Aquacomb® system consists of a series of interconnected storage pods that can be installed under a concrete slab, behind a driveway, or even under a deck. Having your water stored completely out of sight means there’s more usable space for the homeowner. With a modular design, the overall capacity of the average system can range from 3,000 to 30,000 litres. Aquacomb® comes in two different pod sizes to suit your project requirements; 250L and 350L pods.

Stormwater Systems offers a free stormwater system design service. Their team of professionals are knowledgeable about the legislative requirements of the local councils and offers a free stormwater system design service for all commercial and residential projects. Innovative water tanks are your completely hidden stormwater solution for water reuse and detention.

It can be installed in a matter of hours under slabs, decks, stairs and driveways. Aquacomb® isn’t just an underground water tank. It is a clever way to capture, reuse and detain water while preventing the loss of valuable space around your development.

The Benefits of Aquacomb® Compared To Traditional Water Tanks

Aquacomb® underground water tanks are the way of the future, and here’s why: they save time, space and money while being a strong and durable dual purpose water detention and reuse system.

Aquacomb® water tanks are the next big thing in water storage, and for good reason. It saves time, money, and space, making this solution a more efficient option than traditional water tanks.

Aquacomb® water tanks are quick and easy to install, most systems can be installed in a few hours. In addition, these water tanks are up to 38% cheaper than traditional underground tanks and its modular system means there are reduced trades and no large engineering or excavation costs.

Plus, Aquacomb® tanks are completely hidden from sight! This means you save valuable land space without sacrificing function or aesthetics which is especially important as sites get smaller.

These innovative tanks are designed to be laid at grade, which means they can be placed on sites with high invert levels or rocky ground that could otherwise not be developed.

With Aquacomb®, water tanks are placed above council pipes and there is no extra space required; they can be installed in the deck, lawn, driveway, under stairs or even on their edge under soffits – the options are endless!

Aquacomb water tanks are dual purpose tanks built for water reuse and detention, or potable water storage. And because they’re made from high quality PE plastic, they’re extremely strong and durable.

15,000 Aquacomb water tank solutions have been installed and not one has leaked. Plus, they come with silt traps and leaf slides to help keep them clean and maintenance-free.

Aquacomb water tanks are environmentally friendly. Not only is the process of water detention and reuse in itself great for the environment, but the PE plastic material the tanks are made from are 100% recyclable, so any rejects in the manufacturing process will be destroyed and reused again.

3D image showing Stormwater Management Systems installed under ground

How Are Aquacomb® Stormwater Detention Tanks Installed?

Aquacomb® pods can be installed by a plumber or drain layer who is approved by Aquacomb® to ensure compliance with stormwater regulations. Installation is easy and takes just a few hours once the site has been prepared.

Check out the installation guide if you want to learn more about how these stormwater detention tanks are installed. Using this innovative stormwater attenuation system, sites that would otherwise not meet consent requirements can now be developed.

By using this solution, tight sites, sites with a high invert level, surcharge issues, or discharge to curb problems can be solved.

Stormwater Management is crucial, but so to is water conservation

The fact that Aquacomb® pods can also be used for water reuse really makes these water tanks stand out and adds a number of additional benefits in this current climate. The last few years have seen many changes in our water usage. Strict water restrictions on outdoor water use have become an integral part of life. Activities that we once considered a given, such as filling the swimming pool, running the sprinklers, washing the car or even watering the garden, are now subject to ‘bans’ or restrictions when water levels run low.

If a water ban has been imposed, stopping any activities that involve using the outside tap is a must unless you have a backup supply. During the summer months, this can often result in having to let lawns and gardens die. While cars go unwashed and kids forgo the paddling pools and sprinklers!

As water restrictions increase, so does the demand for rainwater harvesting solutions. Many homeowners are looking for ways to conserve and collect as much water as possible, so they are less dependent on mains water. But options such as large stormwater retention tanks aren’t feasible for smaller sites.

Stormwater Systems is a New Zealand based company that specialises in stormwater management and offers a range of innovative stormwater attenuation solutions for water detention and reuse. Stormwater Systems offers the perfect rainwater detention tank and water reuse system in one – Aquacomb®. It’s easier, faster, cheaper and more durable than traditional water tanks and best of all – it’s completely hidden!

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