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Aquacomb Case Study: Long Bay

Client: Signature Homes

Location: Long Bay, Auckland

Product: Aquacomb

Problem: Signature Homes, one of New Zealand’s leading residential home builders in New Zealand, utilized the Aquacomb system to manage stormwater runoff in a large development site in Long Bay, Auckland.

The development site was particularly challenging due to its large size and high attenuation requirement. Signature Homes recognized that traditional stormwater detention solutions would be both time-consuming and costly, and thus turned to Aquacomb for a more efficient solution.

Solution: Our design technicians were able to provide an ideal solution for Signature Homes’ stormwater management needs. The modular pods were quick and easy for the Approved Aquacomb Installers at Maverick Plumbing to install, requiring only two days to install 49,500L across four sites. The pods fit together like jumbo puzzle pieces, making installation straightforward and efficient. The system was also able to be installed in the foundation slab, eliminating the need for extensive excavation and backfilling.

The Aquacomb system has provided an eco-friendly solution that reduced the impact of heavy rainfall on the local environment. The system captures and stores rainwater, allowing it to be used for irrigation, landscaping, and other outdoor water needs. The system also reduces the amount of water that enters the drainage system, which helps to reduce the risk of pollution and erosion.

By utilizing Aquacomb, Signature Homes was able to save time and money while still meeting local council regulations for stormwater management. The system provided a quick, efficient, and cost-effective solution for managing stormwater runoff on a large development site. Aquacomb’s innovative technology and easy installation made it an ideal choice for Signature Homes and the Long Bay development site.

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