Bringing innovative flood protection to New Zealand

We are excited to share groundbreaking news from Launceston, Australia, where approximately 2,400 properties in low-lying areas are now safeguarded against flooding through the implementation of innovative flood protection measures. The success of this project, which utilised a 2m high FloodFree Demountable Barrier, holds immense promise for addressing similar challenges right here in New Zealand.

Launceston’s flood protection initiative involves a 12km long flood mitigation solution designed to shield the area in a 1% Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP) flood event. The strategy incorporates a combination of earthen and concrete levees flanking the Riverbend Park entrance, leaving an 18m wide access area. Notably, this section is now fortified with a custom-designed Demountable Flood Barrier solution.

In the event of a flood warning, a streamlined deployment process ensures swift response and effective protection. Specially designed storage racks, complete with all necessary components such as posts, Acrow Props, and barrier segments, are transported to the site. 

The flood barrier’s installation is facilitated by covered, permanent in-ground footings, guaranteeing fast and efficient setup.

The deployment process is user-friendly and requires no specialised skills or training. Storage racks hold cover plates, posts, Acrow Props, and barrier segments, ready for manual deployment. Once the cover plates are removed, the centre posts and Acrow Props are securely fastened to the in-ground footings. 

Barrier segments, each weighing a mere 6.5kg, can be easily handled by a single person. These segments are lifted from the storage rack and slid, one at a time, into the frame created by the centre posts to form a comprehensive flood barrier.

What sets this flood protection solution apart is its adaptability and ease of use. With no special skills or training required, communities in New Zealand can confidently employ this demountable flood barrier system to protect vulnerable areas during flood events. The success in Launceston demonstrates the feasibility of this approach in safeguarding property and enhancing community resilience.

Watersmart is committed to bringing such innovative solutions to our customers in New Zealand. As we face increasing challenges related to climate change and extreme weather events, we believe that proactive and adaptable flood protection measures are essential. 

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