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Flow Consulting Specifies WaterSAFE™ End Point Treatment Systems for Iwi to Meet New Water Services Act

Flow Consulting specifies WaterSAFE™ End Point Water Treatment System for Iwi to meet new Water Services Act

Since the introduction of the new Water Services Act 2021, many Kiwis and organisations that supply water to people from rainwater tanks or bore water are now deemed to be water suppliers   under the new Act.
The Problem 
Marae wharekai, café buildings that are supplied by a rainwater tank, and any multi-dwelling buildings that have their own bore water supply all now fall under the new Act, which means that they need to measure and prove that they are supplying safe drinking water.
They also need to register with Taumata Arowai by November 2025 and comply by November 2028.
As a result, Flow Consulting – a hydraulic services consultancy that specialises in finding innovative practical solutions to plumbing design and water supply challenges – has been busy helping clients throughout New Zealand, including iwi that include Tainui, to do what they need to do to comply with the new Act.
Aaron Rink, Flow Consulting’s principal design consultant, says that Flow first undertakes a survey of a site’s existing water supply infrastructure. “We assess water storage, pumping, and reticulation infrastructure. Then we take source and storage water samples, analysed to identify the water treatment requirements for the site. This information is then used to develop a compliance methodology and to produced design plans to enable pricing and installation works.”
More often than not, Aaron says, the best path to compliance is to adopt the applicable Drinking Water Acceptable Solution, which uses the installation of an end-point treatment system to treat and measure water quality. This leads Flow to nominate the installation of one of WaterSAFE’s™ range of packaged end-point treatment systems supplied by Watersmart.
The Solution
Aaron says: “WaterSAFE™ is a plug-and-play water treatment system that is fully compliant with the New Zealand Water Services Act 2021 acceptable solutions. Because it is pre-built, on-site installation time is reduced, alongside system build costs. It also negates the need for on-site installers to have to source and assemble one-off specialist componentry”. 
WaterSAFE™ only requires connection to the pumped water supply, delivery line and power supply connection. Installation is therefore trouble-free and correct 100%, every time.
Live remote management of the WaterSAFE™ system’s performance is provided by an integrated Flowgen cloud-based data management solution. This system notifies a nominated user when the system is not operating within intended parameters. It also sends an email or text message when pre-filters need cleaning, confirms the volume of available stored water and reports on volume of water used, providing the benefit of leak/ wastage detection.
icons of filtration and UV treatment
The Outcome

Specifying WaterSAFE™ gives all of us at Flow Consulting and our clients the peace of mind that supplied solution will meet the requirements of the Water Services Act 2021 acceptable solutions and ensures that Safe Water will be supplied to all end users.

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