Case Studies

Hydraloop Case Study: United States


Krikorian Family


Palo Alto, California, United States


Hydraloop H300

The Problem

Raffi Krikorian lives in Palo Alto, California with his wife and children.

Water scarcity is an ongoing issue in California. Water levels of aquifers are dropping, partly due to lengthy droughts, but also because industrial water users are over-pumping the region’s water reserves.

Another source of water for Californians, the Colorado River, is also drying up due to drought and reduced snowfall in the mountains that feed into the river.

On top of these issues, Palo Alto is a relatively dry place: it averages 385mm of precipitation annually. This is very low compared with Auckland, which averages about 1200mm.

All of this means getting access to water is a growing concern.

For a family like the Krikorian’s, having reliable access to clean water is a top priority.

The Solution

The Krikorian family installed a Hydraloop water recycling device in their home in 2022, making them one of the first in the US to have one.

The Hydraloop H300 is a standalone device for a single-family household with four to five people, with a cleaning capacity of 530 litres per day.

When it comes to reducing water consumption, Hydraloop is the ideal solution.

The system is designed to remove greywater from showers, baths, and washing machines, as well as condensation from tumble dryers and heat pumps.

As well as being used to flush toilets and watering gardens, this recycled water can also be used for things like washing machines or topping up swimming pools.

Through its patented, award-winning technology, Hydraloop reuse water is clean, clear, safe, and disinfected.

With its low energy consumption, it’s the perfect eco-friendly solution for households wanting to reduce their water use and do right by the planet.

The Outcome

The Krikorians now save 25-45% on tap water and wastewater, no matter what level of rainfall they get.

The unit was installed in a shack next to their main building, so it’s discreet and out of the way.

Over a year, the family saves a massive 72,000 litres of water, making a difference not only to their household, but helping the drought-stricken region conserve as much water as possible.

With Hydraloop, water and energy bills are lower, sustainability certification is enhanced, and independence from the grid is enabled.

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