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Hydraloop Case Study: Europe

Europe couple installs Hydraloop


Ter Kuile-Hillen
two-person household,


United Kingdom


Hydraloop Cascade

The Problem

One UK couple, Marc ter Kuile and his wife, Suzanne Hillen, decided to take action to reduce their water consumption when they built their four-bedroom ecohouse near East Grinstead in Sussex.

For people who want to reduce their environmental footprint, reducing the amount of water they use at home is a good way to make a valuable contribution.

In the UK, just 4% of the water the average person uses daily is for drinking, and a third of a household’s water consumption is used to flush the toilet! That’s a significant amount of water wasted.

For people like Marc and Suzanne, this is a problem easily avoided through modern systems that can reuse water and significantly reduce waste.

The Solution

Hydraloop is the ultimate solution for people wanting to reduce their water consumption.

It is designed to clean greywater from showers, baths, and washing machines, as well as condensation water from tumble dryers and heat pumps.

The water can then be reused for things like flushing toilets, washing machines and watering gardens.

Marc and Suzanne installed a Hydraloop Cascade H300, the perfect solution for a small household. With a capacity to clean up to 530 litres of water per day, it was the ideal size for their home.

The Outcome

Marc and Suzanne now save up to 45% on water and wastewater every day. This amounts to 45,000 litres per year!

The Hydraloop H300 doesn’t add much to their power bill, either; with an average energy consumption of just 175 kWh per year, the device is an energy efficient way to reuse water.

Marc and Suzanne have also enjoyed the system’s internet connection, which monitors the device 24/7.

“One day, I got a call from Hydraloop, telling me that one of my four toilets are leaking. I was incredibly impressed.”

The Hydraloop is also a low maintenance solution for Marc and Suzanna. With no filters to replace or chemicals to add, the self cleaning system takes care of itself.

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