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FenceTank Case Study: Williamson Ave



Williamson Ave, Belmont, Auckland

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The Problem

The core problem at this Belmont development was space and supply. The four lots across this Williamson Ave required 5,000L of stormwater detention per lot.

The project originally had an above-ground tank deeper than FenceTank specified. This would cause accessibility issues down the sides of the houses, making space a big issue.

The originally specified tanks were also delayed, causing significant supply issues that would hold up the development.

The developer engaged Watersmart to design a solution, then supply and install the rainwater harvesting system as soon as possible.

The Solution

The developer visited our office to speak with one of our stormwater consultants and explained the issues he was facing, along with the time pressure he had. Within a couple of hours after looking at his plans and stormwater report, our team was able to create a solution.

As the landscaping was well underway, the best solution was FenceTank. This saved the developer significant costs as it did not require him to re-dig the backyards to install concrete bases nor install metal posts.

Each lot had five 1,000L FenceTanks installed along the fenceline, meeting the 5,000L per lot requirement. Our solution met all stormwater and boundary requirements, and most importantly, allowed the new homeowners enough reasonable space to access their backyards by walking down the side of their house if needed.  

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