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Case Study: Ormiston Workshops


Federal Group & Formis


Ormiston Workshops, East Tamaki, Auckland


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The Problem

29 commercial lots required over 55,000 litres of stormwater detention. The site involved tight locations with a large amount of extra steel and concrete.

Due to a lack of space, buried tanks were not an option. Above ground tanks would significantly impact the number of car parks they can have – not an option!

The Solution

Aquacomb quickly became the only option to meet the stormwater detention requirements. Each unit featured mezzanine floors at the front, requiring large steel posts and thickenings in the slab. Despite the very tight space to work, Aquacomb was installed in the back of each unit to achieve the stormwater detention requirements.

Before the Aquacomb pods were installed, our team had to install custom pipe through the slab boxing to allow for our edge beams (we had a 1m thickening) to avoid other services – roughly 10m per slab.

After the front of the units were poured, we were then able to install our Aquacomb pods, these were all at the rear of the slab.

The location of AquaPit’s (silt traps/cess pits) was also an issue due to a pathway running along the front of the buildings on a slope. Aquapit’s installed there would impede wheelchair access.

Working closely with the project managers, engineers, and other trades, we were able to relocate AquaPit from the corner to the side of the entry. This enabled the AquaPits to be hidden from view and avoid obstructing wheelchair access.

In addition, this has also saved a large amount of extra pipe work as the initial design had the pits all at the end of the buildings.

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