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Aquacomb Case Study: Pakuranga Road

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Pakuranga Rd, Pakuranga


Aquacomb – 250L

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The Problem

The development of a site in Pakuranga required a stormwater detention and retention system (capture and reuse of stormwater) to be installed in the properties due to it being in a stormwater management area (SMAF) zone.

The site proved challenging, with three different types of buildings used across 14 lots, all with different roof sizes, and therefore different literage requirements for the tanks.

All the lots were relatively small, making them unsuitable for a one-size-fits-all approach using traditional underground or above-ground tanks.

The Aquacomb system is a popular solution for sites like this due to its ability to be installed on small sites.

While each tank holds either 250 or 350 litres, its modular design means a single system can manage up to 30,000 litres.

The Solution

Utilising the flexibility of the Aquacomb system, Watersmart were able to provide solutions for each lot. For the four lots that had enough room in the slab footprint, we used our standard in-slab solution.

Four other lots didn’t have enough room for an in-slab solution, but there was paving specified in front of these lots, and as such we were able to put them under the patio.

The remaining six lots were designed with a carport, so we were able to install the tanks under the driveway. This demonstrates the strength of the Aquacomb system – it’s so versatile that it can be configured to fit any scenario.

Whether the system needs to be installed within a concrete slab, or under a driveway or deck, there is a solution for every property. The Aquacomb system is also ideal for small sites where tanks cannot be buried due to their large footprint.

The Outcome

By working closely with the project manager and other subcontractors, Watersmart was able to get Aquastop installed at all 14 lots at once.

This meant that drainage could be connected, and slabs and carport concreting completed, resulting in a nice clean work site for the remainder of the build.

The team will be back at the site closer to completion to install Watersmart pump solutions, which allow for the re-use of captured stormwater.

The Aquastop system is an ideal solution for situations where stormwater management is required, and where land space is limited.

They can be installed almost anywhere – creative engineers have figured out how to install them under stairs, against retaining walls, or even on rooftops!

Designed to discharge to the curb, Aquacomb is installed at grade, meaning they are above council pipes but still hidden from view.

What’s more, Aquacomb is efficient and cost-effective, often less expensive than other comparable systems.

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