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Aquacomb Case Study: Maple Street

Fencetank either side of a fence


Kaigara Ora


2 Maple Street, Avondale, Auckland


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The Problem

When it comes to residential developments, finding space for water storage tanks can be a challenge, and having them above-ground can be an eyesore.

Above ground tanks can take up valuable space on residential sites, while also limiting the potential of how that space can be used.

Watersmart was able to provide the perfect hidden solution to this site, which would have otherwise required above-ground tanks.

The Solution

Aquacomb provides smart water detention without blocking views or taking up valuable space. Our innovative Aquacomb pods are installed completely out of sight. In this case – two under the lawn and one within the concrete driveway – providing you with all the benefits of water resiliency without the eyesore.

Providing solutions, not just products, we also redesigned the pit location due to invert issues and a recent stormwater system revision.

The Outcome

In the end, there was no need for an above-ground tank or redundant pumping, so residents will enjoy more space as a result!

Often, above-ground water tanks are used in residential construction projects, reducing valuable green space and creating an unattractive environment. Using Aquacomb, you can build water resilience around your housing developments without sacrificing valuable space.

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