Submersible Pump - Coming Soon!


Plug ‘n Play Pump


The pump is a self-priming surface mounted pressure system pump supplied with plug and play leads (IEC type). 

The self-priming ability provides an excellent suction capacity of up 9m. Used especially for supplying water to domestic installations.

The pump is characterised by: 

  • Automatic electronic pump control fitted and wired with the plugin and play leads so a licensed electrician is not required during installation
  • Includes fully electronic pump controller for automatic pump starting, stopping and restarting after power loss and water loss
  • Run dry protection to prevent pump damage
  • Automatic electronic control has an in-built check valve to prevent water back-flow through the pump
  • 2.2 bar pump cut in for greater versatility
  • Corrosion-resistant pump body, diffuser and impeller to ensure the pump durability
  • High-quality mechanical shaft steak and high-quality bearings
  • 240v single phase TEFC motor with in-built auto reset thermal overload to prevent the pump from overheating

Specifically For Auckland

  • Automatic switch over to mains in case of low water level or power loss
  • Testable back-flow preventer with gate valves
  • Plug ‘n play set up
  • Protective cover protects from the elements
  • Also available for other areas without testable back-flow and gate valves


We’re working through the best option currently and will advise those interested once sorted.

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